As a pacifist surrounded by bloodthirsty sheep

As a pacifist surrounded by bloodthirsty sheep, I am perceived as a black sheep: a traitor to the perpetual crusade against eternal evil.

Traitor, indeed, I am…

I state that, politically, we are no more enlightened than were the medieval physicians. The remedies we use are ineffective, and when we obtain results, it is because they aggravate the disease.

We should stop there, but since we observe a change, we persist: we have to maintain the doctrine, one bloodletting is not enough, we have to do more.
This stops with the death of the patient, of course unwanted by the « doctors ». The cause therefore comes from elsewhere, no doubt from the faults of the deceased, sanctioned by the judgement of God.

Is this caricature of our political systems relevant?

I think so.
It leads me to question the tools (institutions and ideas) we have at our disposal.
We have already experienced similar situations of great uncertainty.

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